Fantasy Hockey

Join in the banter and win some prizes!

To sign up:

1st time users :

- Register by going to and clicking register on the right hand side
- Follow the instructions on the website, then follow onto the below

Previous users :

- Log in by going to and clicking sign in.
- You will likely be taken to last year’s league
- Click on grassroots on the banner at the top of the page.
- Click on join league on the right side.
- Enter the password – 002000Reigatb62e6c

- You will then need to pay £5 via paypal (follow the online instructions)
- Pick your team by Friday 27th September to start earning points
- Your fantasy team must be a maximum of 35 points with a maximum of 2 players per RPHC team and a maximum 20 total transfers over the season
Last updated by Mike Johnson | 15th September 2013


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