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2. Parents Registration

Welcome to Reigate Priory Hockey Club!

My child(ren) is(are) interested in playing, what should I do?

The first thing we'll ask you to do is register your details on the website.

If you are already registered on another Pitchero Club website (e.g. the Cricket Club) then there is a slightly different process to getting you into our membership form. Login in to the site you are already registered for and click on your name in the top right hand corner, from there you'll see a drop down menu - click on "Membership". Once the next page has loaded, select "Join" then "Club" from the drop down, enter "Reigate Priory Hockey" until we pop up then click on us to start the process! For those of you not already registered:

There's a "Join The Club" button in the top right of this page, in a moment - give it a click, but first here's a couple of tips:

The first screen will ask for your details - enter your details - not that of the child or children you are registering on behalf of, that will be handled in a couple of clicks time!

The second screen will ask you to tick which "roles" you would like. Untick "Club Member" and tick "Parent".

The third screen will allow you to add your Child(ren), type in their name to the box and if we already have their details associated with a squad, they will appear in a dropdown for you to select - if not, click on the option to "Click here if your child is not in the list"

Make sure you click on the "Add" button once you've checked the first and last name of your child is correct. You can add as many rows to this table as you have children you'd like to register!

Click "Next Step" when you are finished.

Confirm you are happy with the policies and aware of our Welfare Officer in the first section of the page, then scroll down to where you'll see a single question per child you are registering. This is their "Primary Team". In order to allow our Colts secretaries to allocate your child to the right group (or to any waiting lists that may be appropriate), click on the drop down and pick the appropriate option from the first 3:

New Members - Years 3-6 (Mixed)
New Members - Girls, Years 7 & Up
New Members - Boys, Years 7 & Up

Once you have filled in as much of the additional information as you can, click on the "Complete Application" button at the bottom of the page.

You will receive an email to the address you nominated within a few minutes asking you to click the link to confirm you address - please do this or we won't be able to contact you!

Please do not attempt to make any payments via the website until you've heard from us - once your application has been accepted you'll be sent a link.

The next step is to alert the relevant colts secretary or secretaries to your application (we routinely check them, but it's good to know that they are there!). This step will also give you an opportunity to pass on any further information you think is relevant. Click on the Contact button at the top of the page and then scroll down to the "Colts" section. Click send email to either the Boys or Girls secretaries (don't worry about sending 2 if you've registering both, either will work fine!) and use the contact form to say hello and tell the guys that you've submitted an application!

Over the following few days the team will get in touch. We have a great deal of demand for some age groups so you may be put onto a waiting list until a space becomes free. You'll likely receive confirmation that your application has been accepted by the online system, but this is not confirmation that your child has a place - just that we've confirmed your details. Once we've moved your child across to the appropriate group you'll be able to get details of the upcoming fixtures and festivals and notify us of their (your!) availability.