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Polecat Protection

Whilst we make every effort to train and play in a safe environment, hockey is played with a hard stick and a hard ball. Unfortunately accidents can happen, especially when children are learning and things don't quite work out the way they planned.

It is club policy therefore, that the following equipment is worn when training and playing for Reigate Priory Polecats.
You will not be allowed to train or play without them!!!!

1. Decent sports shoes with grip(preferably Astroturf shoes for those playing matches).
2. Shin pads (preferably with ankle protection)
3. A mouthguard
You must also let the coaches know of any medical or other condition that may affect your child whilst training or playing.
Polite Polecats

RPHC expects a mutual respect between its Players, Coaches, Managers , Umpires, Team mates, Opposition and Supporters.
Everyone is expected to understand our policies on behavior so that we can ensure everyone involved in the Colts Section at RPHC, can enjoy a great family atmosphere win,lose or draw.
The Club will not tolerate bullying, abusive behavior or language.

Please read our Club policies below:



RPHC is committed to ensure a safe and enjoyable time for all children whilst playing and training and will follow the Safeguarding and Protecting Children Guides associated with the National Coaching Federation.