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1. General Information

Reigate Priory Polecats began in 2007 with a small group of juniors and we have now grown into a thriving juniors section offering quality coaching and competitive hockey in a safe environment for Girls and Boys Aged 7-18.
In the younger age groups our coaching and development is centered on making sure the children understand the enjoyment of a team sport and develop sound basics in line with England Hockey's Core Skills documents.

From the ages of 10-12 Polecats start to play in 7 aside friendly tournaments where the players learn about match play, the pitch and really begin to learn about teamwork and sportsmanship.
In these age groups we try and offer everyone that trains regularly, a match.

In the U13-U16 age group the players move up to play on a full size pitch and we run teams at different standards to cater for players developing at different rates. Squads are selected on ability.

From the U16-U18 age groups, we aim to integrate juniors who are ready, into the adult sides.

We currently have over 200 Polecats registered and rely on parental help to manage teams or just help with training and we are always pleased to hear from any parents able to support this.

Hockey is an exciting, skilful and fast game and we hope that our juniors will be inspired to go onto to play hockey as a senior at Reigate Priory, University or at one of the many hockey clubs around the Country.

Lets Face it Hockey is probably the best game in the World!!